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Welcome to My Personal Space

Hello, I'm Dr. Yonghao Wang, a Computer Scientist, Researcher, and Lecturer with a wide range of experiences that span Cybersecurity, Communication and Networking, Embedded Systems, Digital Signal Processing, as well as Cloud and Edge Computing. My current research focus lies in the ethical and accessible application of blockchain technology for fintech innovation and societal well-being. I also supervise PhD students in these specialised areas.

In the academic realm, I teach courses on CyberSecurity, Network Automation, Advanced Programming for Digital Forensics, Network Forensics, and Network Fundamentals.

Research interests

Academic & Industry Collaboration Profile

Expertise: • Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Fintech. • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) for Secured Digital Media Applications. • Low latency networks for future communications.

Recent Focus: • Development of low-cost, secure private/consortium blockchain frameworks tailored for business applications, such as logistics and media IP. • Promotion of accessible and ethical blockchain technology, paired with responsible AI for inclusive finance. This has a strong emphasis on community engagement, catering especially to SMEs, Charities, and NGOs. • Fintech solutions aimed at financial inclusion for underrepresented groups.

Google Scholar Profile

Past Consultancy and Research Collaboration work: 1. MEER LABS Ltd 2. Qitmeer Foundation 3. B&D Media Tech Inc 4. Digidoc Indonesia

Research and project ideas for undergraduates, postgraduates and PhDs

Password-less authentication system:

Example title:

  • Secure Deterministic Private Key Generation via Multi-Factor Key Derivation Function (MFKDF) and Multiple Biometric Verification Methods, Without Storing the Private Key

Secure Ethical and Accessible Blockchain system:

Example titles:

  • User Dashboard Design for Private PoA EVM-Compatible Blockchain with Integrated Block Explorer
  • Designing a Decentralised Oracle System for Enterprise Use on a Private PoA Blockchain

Responsible AI Privacy and Semantic web projects :

Example titles:

  • Research and Design of a GDPR-Compliant Website with Integrated Auto-Advertisement Agent Systems: A Use Case on Google Ads.
  • Research and Comparative Analysis of Existing Large Language Model-Based Chatbot Systems and Solutions for Private Data Handling.

Past Industry or Funded Projects Work


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